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Jade Farwynd

Name Jade Sharyn Farwynd

Position Faculty Member

Character Information

Codename Bloodhound
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 25
Affiliations(s) X-Men

Physical Appearance

Height 1.63 m
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jade stands on the shorter end of the scale for a woman of her age. She sports a thick mane of copper/brick red hair and is of an athletic physique.

She usually wears brown, green and black tones, which usually make her red hair even brighter. Her bright appearance however is usually toned down when one takes in the sombre expression on her face. A smile is a rare thing to see on Jade's face and her appearance is usually of someone not wanting to be noticed.


Father Timothy Farwynd - deceased
Mother Grace Farwynd - deceased
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jade is a quiet, reflective individual who is rather awkward socially. She views her mutation as more of a curse than a blessing as it affords her information about people she rarely actually wants to know.

Ironically, she is a Phlebotomist, a medical professional who collects blood for analysis. She enjoys it as it's a fairly solitary profession after the blood is collected. Jade prefers her secondary profession, which is that of a pathologist. Dealing with dead people in a quiet room. Perfect.

Yet still, Jade does want to use her abilities for the power of good. When she began learning of her powers and realizing what she could do, she went on to study Sojutsu and Kendo, eventually developing her own variant of the two to complement the two weapons she's able to create and weild from blood.
Mutant Power(s) To use any of her abilities, Jade must have a source of blood available. She usually wears a small crystal vial on a chain around her next which houses some of her own blood. In the absence of the same, she will need to use her own or another creature's blood.

Blood sword/Blood spear - 2 (weapon)

**Example: Jade is able to form a solid one handed sword or a spear out of a blood source which disipates after use and cannot be weilded by anyone else otherwise it dissolves into a pool of blood.

Blood tentacle - 1 (crowd control/range weapon)

**Example: Jade can create a thick tentacle shaped object from a blood source which is capable of holding one humanoid in place or perform a slam attack against them.

Blood manipulation within a body - 4 (1 per day/long rest/extreme situation only type of

***Example: With enough focus and adrenaline coursing through her veins, Jade can connect with the bloodflow of an individual and is able to manipulate it within a living individual to devastating effect even so far as ending the individual's life. However this is a very taxing ability, which will often leave Jade unconscious or at best unable to continue combat.

***Latent - Blood sense (blood type, disease) - 2
Example: Jade can sense/hear the bloodflow of an individual, to the fine details such as a person's bloodtype and whether or not their blood is healthy or carrying a disease.

***Latent - Self healing - 3
Example: Jade's body is able to heal nearly all of her injuries given time, however most injuries do still leave scars after the self healing process is done.
Profession(s) Phlebotomist / pathologist.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Very creative and adept at putting imagination to use
+ Focused, menticulous, patient
+ Friendly person but often looks sad or serious

- Can get addicted to using her abilities too much, which leads to loss of reason and single minded pursuit of blood
- At times if she has to use her powers and has no outside blood source to manipulate, she resorts to using her own, leading to cuts and scarring which leads to people mistaking her as a self-harm prone individual due to many scars on her forearms etc
- Very arachnophobic due to having grown up in Australia
- While she wants to help fellow mutants, she is not really a people person
Ambitions Finding a measure of sanity in a world that usually treats her and other mutants like freaks and helping those who can't help themselves.
Hobbies & Interests Her primary interest is and has always been blood and how her abilities can influence it. Other than that, she is a self professed foodie, and loves to cook, especially exotic foods and recipes.
Mutant Mastery X-3

Origin Story Jade was born to Timothy and Grace in Saint Arnaud, in the state of Victoria, Australia. Saint Arnaud was a quaint, small place that was idyllic for young families. Safe, clean and surrounded by dry and rustic nature. Provided if said young family fit in.

Sadly, Jade was an odd child from early on, even before her mutations started manifesting. She had an interest in dissecting animals and insects and seeing how much blood there was in an animal's body. This, of course, was quickly noticed and the Farwynd family began facing pressure from neighbors and residents, to the point of them having to move.

First, they moved to Melbourne, the Capital of Victoria, where they lived for a few more years. Until Jade began exhibiting odd abilities. Healing big cuts and injuries, having an eerie knack for telling when people were sick. That is, at least, how those around her, including her parents saw it. Timothy and Grace kept explaining her 'gift' away but themselves refused to believe that their daughter was indeed different.

It wasn't until a year or so later, when Jade accidentally formed a knife made out of blood after she had accidentally cut her hand at home. Her father Timothy was home at the time and witnessed it and could no longer deny that...Jade was very different than kids her age.

So different that Australia likely was not the place for her. After talking with Grace, and finally making her see reason the Farwynds decided to move to the USA where there were more known cases of 'mutations'. Or at the very least more public cases. There she would be accepted, or so they believed.
Past Exploits As a phlebotomist she developed somewhat of a reputation as the 'Blood Psychic' in the clinic she works at, often being the port of call for physicians to consult on their patient's illneses, especially blood related ones. This was due to her abilities to discern blood types and certain diseases that could be detected through blood.