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Elias Buckley

Name Elias Buckley

Character Information

Codename Fable
Gender Male
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 11 and 3/4
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Olive skin, muscular build with a stern expression and confident, arrogant presence. Several tattoos, the main Heka one on his back and other smaller ones on his shoulders and legs, two small ones on his skull which are usually covered by his hair.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Chiaki (Emoji) - younger sister (adoptive) - 14yr old Japanese with ability to detect people from their emotions. Stronger the emotion, easier they are to locate and the further the distance she can locate them at. [NB: Currently hidden in the Heka world.]
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Overconfident and unafraid to speak up, out or with an opposing view. Picks a fight easily and is keen to back up this fronting-up with the physical. Clearcut on the surface, but puts up a literal offensive wall to protect himself and his sister. Doesn’t rely on or trust others, not a team player. If forced into a corner he will still argue his view is the right one and will curse, fight and push back until he can escape said situation. Holds his ground on every damn little thing in the interest of keeping others away.

Distrustful and suspicious of people. All the people.

Selfish, through prior necessity and experience. Self-reliant and with low expectations of help from anyone else. Utterly comfortable with lying and breaking promises, does whatever it takes to protect himself. Used to disappointment and fending for himself, he's an opportunist, streetwise and tough (outwardly). He's never had a family to rely on, or people to call his own and he accepted his lot in that regard when he was a kid. He doesn't offer help to others and he doesn't ask for it for himself.
Mutant Power(s) Energy Manipulation (4) - He can grab and manipulate energy via his left hand/forearm (it manifests like the Hellboy fist but with a faint red glow around him rather than a hard physical change in the arm itself). Can pull energy from himself (limited to his own lifeforce), from the world around him, from other living beings (emotional is easiest to steal) and/or from between dimensions. He can draw this energy into and around him to form impenetrable shields up to a six foot radius (sphere - extends above and below ground) around him. He can pull and manipulate the energy as a hard barrier around his arms and legs to increase both his strength and his damage, but not his speed of motion.
Examples of use of power:
Pyrokinetic Barrier/Force Field - protection up to six foot radius (full sphere reaching above and below ground with his centre as the midpoint and his feet on the level surface plain if there is one) - includes mental shielding.
Energy Absorption - can take energy from others to slow them down, weaken them or their projectiles etc.
Energy Melee - chooses specific physical locations (fist/head/foot etc) and focuses for extra strength and damage.
Energy Attack - can throw energy back in a concussive blast

Dimensional Travel (3) - He can tear (and reseal) the fabric between and beyond his current location in space. He can step through into other dimensions though the ones he can use safely are currently limited and some incur great risks to be within. He has a particular safe 'world' of his own that he uses - he calls it ‘Heka’. He can take objects or other people there. He can leave them there, but they would be unable to return without his help. He can also pull objects and entities from this space into the ‘normal’ reality. These are present temporarily and act independently.
Profession(s) Merc for Hire
Strengths & Weaknesses Overconfident, but uneducated
Secretive and closed off emotionally
Uses physical violence as a means of drawing attention and winning arguments
Lonely (but will never admit it)
Ambitions Find out who he really is and where he's from.
Hobbies & Interests Destruction of property - fond of testing limits of just about anything.
Off-roading other people's vehicles.
On-roading other people's vehicles.
Exploring new places.
Avoiding old acquaintances.
Mythical creatures - and he's met quite a few.
Smoking, drinking and generally lurking.
Drawing - is a reasonable comic/sketchbook artist but really doesn't like to share his work.

Most treasured physical possessions - Sony Walkman, (mix tapes from friends in the group homes) and his sketchbook.
Mutant Mastery X-3

Origin Story Born in Cairo. Does not remember his birth family or the instance in which he switched locations, but as a very small child, Elias walked out of a home in Cairo and straight into a dark alley in San Francisco. All he had with him was the clothes on his back and a storybook.

Grew up in group homes and foster care, not knowing who his birth parents were.

From a very young age, Elias was a natural thief. He just liked having things that didn't belong to him, regardless of their value. While he was a cute kid, meaning he was picked up by families looking to foster/adopt, this talent meant he was always returned to the homes within a few months. He grew accustomed to this pattern quite quickly and played the people as if it was all part of a game. Moved around the state from San Francisco to Sacramento, Yuba City and Chico, up as far as Redding.

Used as a thief by some nefarious foster parents. Elias was picked up inside a burglary victim’s house in Redding, California by a cop when he was 7. That officer had a pang of conscience and tried to give the fostering thing a go, but during that process his wife had a change of heart so it all fell through at the last minute. That was the last time Elias trusted someone’s word.

It was also when he began to actively test his powers. He couldn’t remember where he'd originally come from and was unable to relocate the path back to his parents, so he tested other options. He would step from a crime scene to another dimension and back to the ‘normal’ world again, testing limits and getting away with a myriad of petty crimes for a while. His time in the other dimensions was short, however, difficult to control and not sustainable.

Past Exploits As a brash and confident pre-teen, Elias failed to attract any more serious foster parents. Instead he was led deeper into the wayward life of crime, honing this illegal craft and looking for a way to survive outside the system. Fell in with a contact who used him along with a gang of other kids and gave them all a (very small) percentage of the take. Elias started to save some money when he befriended Chiaki (another member of the gang who was being used by their leader) and took the younger mutant under his wing.

At the age of 13, he did a few months in juvenile detection and, frustrated, worried for his ‘sister’ and hating most of the world, this was when his powers began to truly manifest. Elias pulled in all the emotional energy of those around him, focused all he was on escape and… opened a door between worlds into a private space that he’d only previously held in his mind’s eye and dreams.

Pulling Chiaki into this world with him (after a period of time testing limits), they remained in the Storybook world for a year, surviving in this new place until Elias risked a journey back to the real world. Now 15, his younger sister safely stowed, he was free to explore other options…