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Bliss Hawkins

Name Bliss Harlow Hawkins

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Escapade
Gender Female
Species Human Mutant
Age 17
Affiliations(s) free agent right now

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lb
Hair Color Platinum blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description Bliss is a strikingly beautiful young woman, with naturally pale blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is very fit, but has more than enough curves to draw the wrong attention from unpleasant people.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Jack Hawkins --deceased
Mother Elyse Harlow-Hawkins -- deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bliss is self confident to the edge of arrogance--she believes in herself and what she is capable of achieving. She has spent years being shuttled through the family services system and foster homes, and that has impacted her ability to trust others. She would love to find a true home after years of neglect and worse, but she's not holding her breath it will ever happen. She will drive herself towards success at whatever she decides to focus upon.
Mutant Power(s) Tactile Telekinesis: The user can utilize telekinetic abilities via physical contact, allowing the user to manipulate anything through tactile interactions rather than from a distance. this allows the user to simulate supernatural physical abilities, manipulate objects, and so forth. The user can also use it on themselves such as leaping great distances or handling significant impacts.

Bliss doesn't understand her abilites. She thinks she somehow manipulates good and bad luck. Bad things tend to happen to those who try to cause her harm. Her power works on an instinctive level, but she could become very powerful once she begins to undertand and control her abilites
Profession(s) A high school student, when the authorites could keep her in a school long enough
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Self confident to the edge of arrogance
Deceptively intelligent, but not book smart
Strong willed

Emotionally guarded, finds it hard to trust others. Everyone has an agenda, and it usually involves using her in some way.
Overconfident that she can handle any situation
Sensitive about her losses in life, doesn't like to be manipulated or used
Doesn't like authority figures, especially ones with badges or goverment represenatives
Ambitions Wants to be a musician, dancer, pro gambler, or race car driver. Anything that will keep her from ever being poor again.
Hobbies & Interests Games of chance, has a very good poker face
Fashion== "I may be poor but I still have style."
Collects badges and buttons from places she's been
loves movies, enjoys using quotes from ones she's seen
terrible cook
Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story Bliss was born in Las Vegas to two loving parents. Both worked in the local entertainment business empire. They were not rich, but they always had whatever Bliss needed to have a good life. That came to a sudden and horrible end when the family's car was struck by a speeding drunk one night. The drunk was one of the city's top entertainers, so the accident was widely covered in the media. Being rich and connected, the celebrity was able to buy his way out of the charges and establish a large trust for the young surviving Hawkins girl.

The attention the case drew brought out the worst in many of the potential foster parents that wanted the orphan. After all, she had a trust that they could get their fingers on with little supervsion. People just saw dollar signs with Bliss. But the girl was desperately unhappy, and not surprisingly given her situation. She fought her way out of multiple terrible situations. Finally she found a tolerable place and did her best to settle in. That was when puberty began to turn the cute girl into a bombshell. That drew even more bad attention within her foster home. She tried to complain to authorities with little change in the situation. That particular situation ended when the foster father attempted to have his way with Bliss. He ended up crashing through a glass window as he chased her through a store, where a passing bus finished the job. After that, Bliss was treated with far more care by the system. Eventually Bliss found a lawyer that would represent her and gained her legal emancipation. She was free at last.
Past Exploits After leaving Las Vegas, she began to wander her way east towards New York City. After all, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. As she made her way, she met a lot of people who actually gave her hope that not everyone was out to use or hurt her. She actually helped a lot of people along the way, but she couldn't find a place that made that wanderlust go away.