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Jason (Jace) Adams

Name Jason (Jace) Troy Adams

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Flux
Gender Male
Species Human Mutant
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft. 10in.
Weight 153 lbs.
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jace has a slim and slight build which he has used to his advantage more than once. His light brown hair is shaggy and looks unkempt most of the time. The young boy sports a tribal tattoo on his upper left arm and the Chinese symbols for 'Flux' on the upper right arm. Both of them are typically covered up by the rock music motif tee shirts he likes to wear.


Father Troy Adams
Mother Kimberly Adams
Brother(s) Derek
Sister(s) Sherry, Monica
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason, or Jace, doesn't trust too many people anymore. He tends to be reserved and stand-offish with most. But he has has street smarts and is resourceful. Forced to be streetwise after he left home, Jace had to learn to think on his feet to avoid danger and scope out opportunity. He's resilient. He's a survivor. He can, on rare occasions, surprise you with kindness.
Mutant Power(s) Self-Density Manipulation (2) = The user can create, shape, and manipulate their own density. This can range from enhancing to acquire heightened durability, increased weight, and amplified strength or diminishing it to acquire intangibility, decreased weight, and even levitation and/or flight capabilities. With practice, one could extend such control to others, usually through physical contact. Jace has no idea of that possibility.

The user is limited by being able to only affect one extreme of his density at a time (increased or decreased). There are also the effects of density alteration to take into account. For example, increased density may result in slower movement and decreased density may result in diminished strength.
Profession(s) Jace says he's a professional street kid.
Strengths & Weaknesses + street smarts
+ resourceful
+ resilient

- untrusting
- stand-offish
- reserved
Hobbies & Interests Music – Radiohead, Green Day, Guns n' Roses, Nirvana
Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story They say if you wanna understand the streets, you gotta live 'em. Street kids know the streets, the gangs, the slang, and generally what's going on in the "lower life" aspects of the city. Gangs, fixers, small-time pushers, hookers - you were raised by them all. Jason Adams fell into that category of being raised by them all. But it wasn't where he started.

Jason grew up in a decent family with a brother and two sisters in a well-to-do suburb of Tacoma, Washington. They had family dinners, holiday gatherings, and periodically attended religious services throughout the year. The Adams family was the picture of perfect suburbia. That is until three months after Jason's thirteenth birthday.

He was in the backyard disassembling an old tree-house in the large Oak when his powers first manifest. The density of his body increased and the large limb he was sitting on broke. Jason fell to the ground and created a sizable hole. His parents ran outside at the sound of the limb cracking and found the hole. Gasping, they rushed to the edge and saw their son, uninjured. They reached in to pull him up but couldn't move him. Jason's ability reversed and his density decreased. His parents' hands slipped through his and they fell backwards with the force they'd been using to pull him up. Jason floated out of the hole before their very eyes. He was a mutant.

His mother screamed in horror and his siblings came running out. Jason had no control over his abilities. They leveled out, returning him to his normal density, and he fell to the ground. The boy's life changed from that moment forward. His dad tried to hide him from the rest of the family and their friends. His mom was terrified and completely ignored him as if he didn't exist. His siblings tried to tell him that it'd go away, but eventually followed their mother's example. During the intervening year, Jason became a recluse and privately practiced his powers. He couldn't replicate the decreased density for floating, but could do it just long enough to pass through a wall. With concentration though, he could increase his density. He practiced more and more with that and began to gain some semblance of control.

After that year, at age fourteen, Jason ran away from home with nothing more than a backpack and some money he'd stolen from his mom's purse. He walked, hitch hiked, and paid his way to Seattle where he lived on the streets. Downtown Seattle was now his home and whatever empty building he found to squat in was his house. Jace, as he'd taken to calling himself, was now a street kid. A mutant street kid that would steal to eat and survive until the day before his fifteenth birthday when a local gang approached him to run drugs for them.

Jace denied their request and they threatened to shoot him. The boy used his ability and increased his density. The bullets bounced off of him as he walked towards the nearest gang member and grabbed his arm. Jace grabbed a little too tight and snapped the bones. When the shooter screamed, Jace punched him in the face to shut him up. That most certainly quieted the other boy as his limp body fell to the ground. The gunfire stopped. “Friggin' mutie!” yelled one of them. "C'mon, let's get outta here. Ya freak!” yelled another one. The gang ran away and Jace ran in the opposite direction. Word spread among the low life of the streets about a mutant boy and his bullet-stopping ability. They called him Flux.

Jace spent the next few years practicing his ability, doing jobs for some fixers, raiding warehouses for bigger gangs, and a myriad of other questionable things. He didn't get paid much for the jobs. But he didn't care. It bought food and drink for wherever he happened to be living at the time. Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, he had a visit that would change his life once again.
Past Exploits