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Max Herrera

Name Max Herrera

Position Junior Classman

Character Information

Codename Doolittle
Gender Male
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 5’6”
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Max has a thick shock of wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that are almost always smiling. He has an easy smile that pretty much never stops.


Father Jose Herrera, age 38
Mother Maria Herrera, age 38
Brother(s) Israel Herrera, age 12
Urbana Herrera, age 12
Rico Herrera, age 8
Jesús Herrera, age 4
Sister(s) Yolanda Herrera, age 11
Antonia Herrera, age 10
Helena Herrera, age 6
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Max is friendly and outgoing, often just randomly introducing himself to random people and striking up conversations with them whether they like it or not! He is enthusiastic about many things, including but not limited to: learning Spanish, Dungeons and Dragons, ballet (watching, not dancing) just about every kind of music imaginable, Africa (the continent, not the song… okay, the song, too) motorcycles, computers, and Robin Williams.
Mutant Power(s) Animal Communication: proficiency level 2- Max can communicate with all animals of any species. He cannot control them, only communicate with them. He has found that some animals are very helpful and are a wealth of information. Crows and Ravens are his favorites because they see everything. Cats also seem to know a lot, but must be asked the right questions because they are very direct and don’t offer extra information. (Not that they don’t want to; they simply do not think of it.) Dogs, while enthusiastic, have a bit of a blind spot about humans, so their information can’t always be trusted.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests Dungeons and Dragons
Ballet (watching, not doing)
Demolition derbies
Music- just all music
Men’s fashion
Musical Theater
Robin Williams movies

Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story Max was born in Texas, the eldest of eight children- so far. His parents being obsessed with farming bought twelve acres of land and a cow when he was only a year old and so began their adventure. (They now have several goats, a couple dozen chickens, three cows, five barn cats, and a couple of small tractors that help them plant and harvest all of the vegetables they could possibly want.)

From a young age, Max has loved animals and would often talk to them and follow them around all day long. In school, he made friends easily and became popular for being nice to everyone.

When he was twelve, he was surprised to find that his favorite goat actually replied to him when he talked to it. He was surprised at first, and dismissed it, but it happened again. Just simple, one word replies that could easily be mistaken for a bleat, but then the goat uttered a full sentence and Max literally fell over in surprise.

His parents didn’t believe him at first, but after the family dog told him exactly where to find the cat that had been missing for two weeks and they actually found her there, they started to believe him. His father thought it was cool and immediately wanted to know what all the animals thought of him.

Shortly after this, Max began experimenting with his newfound abilities and learned a lot about many different animals. For instance: some prey animals are proud to be food, some predators hate hunting, and fish have no concept of time, existence, or really anything at all. Fish are mindless. That’s basically it.

Eventually, he came to the notice of Professor Xavier and was offered a place at his school. Believing this to be the best place for him to learn more about his abilities, they sent him along to New York.
Past Exploits Max has successfully taught the deer in his hometown area to check both ways while crossing the roads, almost entirely eliminating deer/car fatalities. He has also taught wild rabbits to look for and eat poison ivy, which is highly nutritious to them and doesn’t hurt them in any way. He talked some snakes into patrolling his dad’s fields and eating the pests destroying his crops. And he convinced his cats to stop catching songbirds and to steer clear of the roads.