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Ethan Hale

Name Ethan Wayne Hale

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Gryphon
Gender Male
Species Human Mutate
Age 18
Affiliations(s) Phoenix Academy (formerly)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description t would be very difficult for Ethan to pass for a normal human. He stands just a shade over 5’8” with a slight build, he weighs just 150 pounds. His hair is ash blond and touches his shoulders. It frames a youthful face that looks like he could be 15 or 16. His ears have a distinctive curve to them, that loom more like a lynx than a human.

Then there are the wings. They are dark brown with even darker spots populated along them. They are thin and tapered at the end hey extended about a foot above his head and extend down to his lower calves and are about five and a half feet long, giving him an eleven-foot wingspan.

His hands look normal enough, usually, but he has retractable claws


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Doris Hale
Brother(s) None that he knows of
Sister(s) Again none that he knows of, but he wouldn't doubt he had some siblings somewhere
Other Family He has been with five foster families, the last family he was in was the Tanners. he's not close with them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The two best words to describe Ethan are confused and angry. For years he has been painfully shy, even socially awkward, preferring to be a ghost, or just to hide in other peoples’ shadows. That started to change a few years ago as puberty hit its stride and he was allowed more freedom.

He will probably never be a social butterfly, that’s just not in his makeup. But, he is starting to come out of his shell, but that doesn’t always present as the best behavior. He has started to speak more, especially if someone pushes his buttons. When he was younger his anger was about what was happening to him and his friends. Now, its focus is on what is going on in the world and especially in the United States It has gotten to the point that he sometimes has to remind himself to filter his words so he doesn’t blurt out a comment, or opinion that could get him in trouble.

He used to be a bookish introvert now he’s become more vocal. He’s still trying to learn to express his emotions rather than internalizing them in inner rage.

He doesn’t strike up conversations with strangers and has to steel himself when he has to do a presentation or stand up in front of a lot of people. Though once he starts his presentation and gets into it, he does well.

He’s gotten into more than one fight, because he doesn’t like being pushed, or seeing others pushed around and if people push his buttons he swings first and asks questions afterward. He knows that talking is a better option, but he prefers action to talk.

He'd still rather read a book, play video games or just fly alone high in the sky.
Mutant Power(s) The first power to emerge was heightened eyesight. He has excellent visual acuity with 20/5 eyesight. In addition, he has binocular vision. Binocularity allows for stereoscopic vision which in turn allows for the determination of distance. When he compares the slightly different images from the right and left eye his brain automatically determines the distance to the object. And he can use binocularity to develop a sharp, three-dimensional image of a large portion of his view. (2)

The feline genes gave him an increased olfactory sense. He can smell fear or at least sweat, which gives him the ability to detect when someone is lying. He also is able to track people like a large cat can. (2)

In addition, he has four types of color receptors in the eye. This gives him the ability to perceive not only the visible range but also the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, and other adaptations allow for the detection of polarised light or magnetic fields. This is due to the many photoreceptors in the retina (up to 1,000,000 per square mm, against 200,000 for humans), an exceptional number of nerves connecting these receptors to the brain, and an indented fovea, which magnifies the central portion of the visual field. (2)

Flight (4) He can fly up to 120 miles an hour. He cannot fly in a closed space, or where there is not enough room for him to maneuver. Also, if the wings get wet it can slow him considerably and if he falls into a pool or other body of water, the wings can even become a liability. He could even potentially drown.

When not wet, they are highly maneuverable and can even be used as something of a shield against normal attacks.

His bones are hollow which makes him lighter, but also makes him more susceptible to injury. However, to compensate for that, he heals rather quickly because of his metabolism.

His final power or ability is retractable claws, which come from the reptilian DNA, he was infused with. They secret a neurotoxin that alters the function of the nervous system by damaging brain cells or the nerves that carry signals around the body.

He is almost constantly eating, usually for meals plus snacks each day, and must consume large amounts of calories because his metabolism is very rapid.
Profession(s) Legally, he supports himself by selling his art. But, he doesn’t rely just on his legal activities, he has been known to pilfer an item or two. All that gene manipulation has to be good for something.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Usually, calm under pressure
Thinks fast on his feet
Is an intuitive thinker
Is passionate about what he believes and cares for the underdog.
Has superior senses and agility.

Has a temper if pushed
Doesn't like to be called a coward
Sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble and he speaks out of school.
Has difficulty when he has to think analytically
Is passionate about what he believes and cares for the underdog.
Ambitions His greatest ambition and one that he knows is unattainable is to just be a normal teenager, with normal problems. Since that cannot happen, he has decided to use his powers for good. He is siding with the mutants and not hunting them. Mutants aren’t the only ones he sides with. He doesn’t flaunt his sexuality, but he’s not in the closet either. He believes in equal rights for gay people.

He would like to find someone to fall in love with.
Hobbies & Interests Ethan likes to read, mostly darker and horror stories. Like most teens he has his share of video games and his rather superior hand-eye coordination makes him good at it. Drawing is also something he enjoys doing. Not just drawing, but drafting and graphic artwork as well. Though like his reading, it can be on the darker side.

He also builds and collects model sailing ships, a rather unusual hobby for a teenager, but one he likes nevertheless. He reads The High End a magazine dedicated to luxury homes(not that he expects he’ll ever have one.
Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story Ethan's mother, was very tight-lipped about who his father was, only telling him it was better that he didn’t know. The only thing she would divulge was that he was wealthy and well-connected and not a very nice person. His mother wasn’t going to win any Parent of the Year awards herself. He saw a lot of things some of them X-rated that he probably shouldn’t have seen, in his formative years.

They lived in a series of shelters and cheap motels until he was six. Then one day when they were living in El Paso, shortly after he turned six-and-a-half, she told him she was going to get McDonald's, his favorite, and she never came back.

No living relatives could be found and went into foster care. He was a naturally gifted athlete with exceptional hand-eye coordination and a strong competitive streak, and he got along well with his teammates, but even then, he kept to himself and was an introvert and socially awkward

He wasn’t the smartest kid in the room, but he had above-average intelligence. Not bright enough to skip grades, but enough so he didn’t have to study hard to do well.

Just like in his younger days, Ethan was moved around a lot, but in a series of homes, some good, some not so good but never really a real family or a place he could call his own. Between the ages of six and eleven, he lived in with four different families. His only constructive outlets during that time were sports and school both of which he continued to excel at. He had some destructive outlets as well, like fighting and getting into mischief. Even in those early years, he felt there was something different about himself, he just wasn’t sure what it was.

He went to live with the fifth family, the Turners when he was twelve and they were the worst. For the next seven months, he experienced both physical and emotional abuse and he didn’t know who he could trust.

Then one day the Phoenix corporation in conjunction with most of the school districts in Texas conducted aptitude tests, that were separate from the normal curriculum and required testing. The tests were announced ahead of time and parents were allowed to opt out. But there were prizes available. The most gifted of students would get to attend the Phoenix Academy an elite boarding school with an outstanding reputation. And best of all, from Connor’s perspective, the school was far away, in San Francisco.

The test looked for both academic and physical prowess, both of which Ethan knew he was good at. He worked hard and applied himself and after the results came back he was proven right. He had won one of the converter prizes and was overjoyed at the prospect of leaving.

There was a minor hitch at first when the Tanners refused to sign off. They wanted only what was best for him, they said, but what they really wanted was the stipend they got for taking care of him. Phoenix, claiming they were anxious to have him offered them a cash “prize” and they signed off. Before he left, Mr. Tanner told him he’d be sorry.

He was right.

Phoenix was a real school with real students, and its reputation was an earned one, but that wasn’t where Ethan and a handful of the students in Texas and other states went. They were part of a special project. The CEO of Phoenix was Brad Sinclair who loathed “mutant scum”. Phoenix wasn’t just a school it was a defense contractor. The best way to fight the fire was with fire, Brad reasoned. What better way to take on mutants, was with mutants of your own, even if you had to create them yourself.

For four horrific years, he endured what should have been unthinkable experiments where his DNA was merged with, not one but three types of animals. Birds of prey, large felines, and reptiles. He wasn’t the only one to have his genes spliced with multiple animals, but there were only 20 individuals who had their DNA combined with three animals. He was the only one of the 20 that survived. So, he was probed, prodded, and spent a lot of time in cages. There was also physical training. Many students were taught a variety of martial arts and Ethan was among them. His agility helped him in that regard, but he was and still is more of a street fighter, than a martial artist.

In addition to enduring such a horrific experience, he had to deal with growing up and going through pseudo-normal teenage angst. Three good things did come out of his time. The first is that he was made stronger through the experience, not in the fashion Phoneix would hope for, but just on his own. The second was that he realized what was different about him. It wasn’t just that he was a human mutate, he was a gay human mutate. When most of his male peers were distracted by girls, he was distracted by other boys. It was good for him to learn that part of himself. The third thing was that he realized that if all the condemnation of gay people was BS, then the same could be said about the anti-mutant philosophy he had, had pounded into him for years, and a little over a year ago, he escaped and has just made it to NYC where he hopes to seek sanctuary with Xavier and his school.

Past Exploits After escaping his captors in the detention center in Los Angeles taking a few of them out, even killing one(not on purpose). He is on the run and needs a place far from California after he was moved from San Francisco