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Iris Walker

Name Iris Lynette Walker

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Hoodwink
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"/150cm
Weight 94lbs/42.6kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Iris is petite and adorable, no matter how annoying she finds it. She could pass for a 12-year-old under the right circumstances. She has dark skin and thick, somewhat frizzy hair that she sometimes puts into tiny tight braids or even has chemically straightened from time to time. But that’s kind of expensive, so she doesn’t do it much. She has a young face with a bright smile, but knowing eyes that betray her age if one looks closely enough.


Father Anthony Walker, age 47, Brain surgeon
Mother Angela Manning-Walker, age 48, Lawyer
Brother(s) Stephen Walker, age 17
Justin Walker, age 14
Sister(s) Yolanda Walker, age 16
Aislyn Walker, age 15
Carolyn Walker, age 11
Kindra Walker, age 9
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Iris is quiet, but not an introvert. She had simply gotten used to being ignored unless she’s super animated and so has adapted to just blend into the background. If anybody were to take the time to get to know her, however, they will find a bubbly personality and a loyal friend- as long as they aren’t into shady deals of outright criminal activity, that is.
Mutant Power(s) Imperceptibility, 2: unless she calls attention to herself, Iris can pass through a large crowd unnoticed. This power is automatic and cannot be turned off unknowingly unless she pretty much makes a spectacle- knocking over a large display of cans, spilling hot coffee on someone, etc. This power also applies to sounds and smells coming from her, making her absolutely invisible to everyone.

Imperceptibility extension, 2: Iris can extend her imperceptibility to another person through a bit of concentration. This doesn’t always come off well as other people are not accustomed to not calling attention to themselves, which they must do if they wish to remain within her protection.

Weaknesses: cameras WILL pick her up. This means that anybody watching a live feed of where she is will see her and if there is a recording of said live feed, she will show up on it and anybody watching will clearly see her.

Once noticed, she cannot reactivate her power and go unnoticed unless everyone who has noticed her becomes distracted.

If one person noticed her, that person can call other people’s attention to her. She must be careful that nobody at all notices her if she wants to remain unnoticed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
1. Loyal Friend
2. Naturally outgoing
3. Cheerful

1. Sneaky spy
2. Used to being ignored has made her quiet
3. Because her powers make her easy to ignore, she can get melancholy at times.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, crocheting, plays flute and piccolo.
Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story Born to a wealthy- and very large- family in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, Iris was the eldest of seven children. Her parents, while very busy with their careers, always made sure to make time for their children. As a result, Iris is independent, yet friendly.

When she was thirteen years old, she started noticing that if she was quiet, people seemed to not notice her. She chalked it up to being so short and didn’t think anything of it. A couple of years later, though, it started causing problems. She would be marked absent in classes when she was definitely there. Her parents didn’t notice her come home with her younger sister and demanded to know where she was. She could walk up to her group of friends and be completely unnoticed until someone said, “hey, where’s Iris,” and she replied with a slightly annoyed, “I’m right here!”

She tested this by walking straight into an employees only area in a grocery store and just walking around for about ten minutes, not looking at anybody or saying anything. Nobody ever noticed her. She walked into a police station, the vault at a bank, and a very exclusive country club without being noticed. She was half tempted not to tell her parents about it- she quite enjoyed the secret- but decided she should tell them anyway. To her surprise, they were rather disinterested and suggested that she just concentrate on getting good grades.

So she did. She graduated third in her class- on purpose so she wouldn’t have to make a speech at graduation- at age 17 and decided to take a year off before college to earn some money and get a little life experience. It was while working at a local music shop that she overheard the mayor of the city alluding to shady dealings on the part of a local charity manager. Unable to resist, she sneaked into the charity manager’s office using her natural stealth and found the proof needed. She anonymously released the information to the police and watched the drama unfold.

It wasn’t long before she found a side hustle- spying on increasingly important politicians and selling the information to the press. It soon caught up with her, however. A very important politician happened to catch her when she tripped over an umbrella stand and made her give her word that she would stop, even going so far as to threaten jail time if she were ever caught again. So she relented and stopped spying.

She ended up getting an internship with a charity in upstate New York that would count as college credit when she eventually went. The internship turned out to be extremely boring, but at least she had paperwork to show whichever college she would attend. She had heard about Xavier’s school and decided to check it out. To her surprise and delight, she was accepted at the school even though she was too old for lessons.

She spent a few weeks training with the professors, learning how to fight, how to defend herself, how to be even sneakier than she already was .However, on her first mission, something went very wrong. She didn’t know exactly what it was as she was knocked out for a few minutes at least and when she woke up, it seemed that she couldn’t make anybody see her and her friends had left, probably thinking she was dead. It took her two weeks to find her way back to the mansion, hitching rides on the backs of trucks and playing hobo on trains. Now she just has to figure out a way to make someone see her.
Past Exploits Worked at a small music store in Michigan for six months whilte selling information to the press before taking a six month internship with a charity in New York.