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Kennedy Kelly

Name Kennedy Jacqueline Kelly

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Artemis
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm / 5’10”
Weight 58kg / 126lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kennedy is tall in stature with a thin, lithe figure, golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin is often tan and smattered with freckles from the amount of time she spends outside. She has a pert, pretty and straight nose, sharp cheekbones, and a soft mouth. She is usually described as beautiful.

Kennedy carries herself with confidence, resulting in perfect posture that adds to her statuesque appearance.

She dresses in a fashion that reflects her wealthy upbringing. Never donned in heavily branded clothing, the richness of her attire comes from the quality of the textiles and manufacturing. Her clothes are tailored to her figure, always providing a flattering fit.


Father Senator Robert R. Kelly
Mother Caroline Lee Appleton Kelly
Brother(s) Hunter Robert Kelly (Age 12)
Sister(s) Chelsea Anne Kelly (Age 7)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kennedy Kelly is the oldest daughter to Boston socialite Senator Robert Kelly, a politician known for his strict policies against mutant inclusion. Since the discovery of her mutant abilities Kennedy has become a hidden and missing figure in Senator Kelly’s family. Publicly deemed a “troubled” youth, the Kelly’s have disowned and hidden their daughter in order to save his political career.

Kennedy possesses the ability to create objects out of kinetic energy. Her preferred object of creation are arrows that she shoots using her skills as a marksman and an archer.

Abandoned and disenfranchised, Kennedy is on a path of rediscovery. Attending Xavier’s School she is learning to embrace her mutant gifts and to find a new purpose for her life. Using the code name of “Artemis” she has become a teammate of the Alternate Class.
Mutant Power(s) Superb Marksman (2): Unknowingly the first of her mutant abilities to manifest, Kennedy has innate ability to hit any target. She isn’t always guaranteed to hit her mark but the skill comes easy to her. As a child she excelled in archery because of her powers, making a bow and arrow her preferred weapon.

Knetikenesis (1): Kennedy has the ability to create objects out of kinetic energy. The range of her energy manipulation can vary from a merely a forceful push to a focused, damaging attack.

Kennedy uses her ability to create arrows made of kinetic energy. Taking on the appearance of shimmering golden light, her arrows can provide varying degrees of damage based on how concentrated the energy is. They can serve as non-lethal flash grenades or precise explosions strong enough to damage vehicles and buildings.
Profession(s) Student
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Confidence: Kennedy has an attitude that reflects a positive self-belief in her thoughts, skills, and abilities. It means she knows that she can deal with whatever challenges and setbacks arise.

Socialite: Kennedy was raised in a wealthy home where etiquette and manners matter. Not all wars occur on the battlefield, some occur at the dinner table. Kennedy can navigate complex social situations where what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say.

Educated: While Kennedy is not smart enough to be considered a genius, she has benefited from a well-rounded and top-tier education. Basic knowledge of a wide variety of topics allows her to evaluate and troubleshoot a diverse range of scenarios.


Fatigue: Kennedy’s ability to create objects made of kinetic energy is a physically draining process. The fatigue she experiences from creating too many objects in a short period of time results in exhaustion.

Impulsive: Often described as a proclivity for misbehavior. Kennedy is prone to acting out when faced with adversity.

Lack of Direction: Kennedy has the potential to do great things but she seems to lack the focus and discipline she once had. It’s apparent that she is just going through the motions.
Ambitions Kennedy’s ambitions were determined for her a long time ago. She would obtain an undergraduate degree from Smith. Then she would receive at least a 168 on her LSAT before becoming a legacy student at Harvard University for her J.D.

She would marry well, finding a husband that met her family’s standards, before settling down and having a family of her own.

This was the path laid out for Kennedy before it was discovered she was a mutant and her family disowned her. Continuing to work towards these goals now that she is on her own is yet to be determined.
Hobbies & Interests Kennedy still enjoys the elite hobbies of her childhood, horseback riding, boating and dance but with her arrival at Xavier’s she has started enjoying the simplicity of being in nature. Long walks on the school grounds center her and provide her with a feeling of peace and comfort.

Music has always been an interest for Kennedy. Long weekends visiting relatives or tedious social events in Boston, Kennedy would often escape through the music playing in her headphones.
Mutant Mastery X-1

Origin Story Kennedy Jacqueline Kelly is the oldest daughter of the U.S. Senator Robert Kelly and socialite Caroline Lee Appleton Kelly. She has two younger siblings, Hunter Robert Kelly and Chelsea Anne Kelly.

Born in Boston Massachusetts, Kennedy’s family is one of the oldest and wealthiest families of Massachusetts, the Kellys belonging to an upper class social group known as the “Boston Brahmins”.

Members of the Boston Brahmins are self-proclaimed elite, well-to-do, well educated families of the region. Tracing their origins back to the arrival of the Mayflower, the Boston Brahmins are an exclusive group of families who have all played an influential role in the founding of America, an influence that is still seen in the corporations, banks, newspapers and politics they manage today.

Kennedy spent her childhood living between Boston and the family’s summer home in Nantucket. She looked up to her father, who likewise favored her over his other children, calling her “the most beautiful daughter a man could have.” Kennedy’s early confidence in herself was linked to her father’s positive praise and attitude towards her. She would not have gained her independence and individuality had it not been for the relationship she had with her father.

From an early age, Kennedy was an enthusiastic archer and has successfully competed in the sport. In addition to archery, she took part in ballet, horse-riding and yachting. An avid reader, Kennedy excelled at learning foreign languages, including French, Spanish and Italian. With French being particularly emphasized in her upbringing. Her parents planned on Kennedy attending law school, furthering the family’s legacy in Boston society.

Kennedy attended The Derby Academy and The Governor's Academy, two of America’s oldest private schools, both located in Boston. She was a bright student who received high marks but often misbehaved; a teacher once described her as “a darling child, the prettiest little girl, clever and artistic, but also full of the devil”. Her mother attributed her behavior to her finishing her assignments ahead of her classmates and then acting out of boredom. Her behavior improved as she grew older but that streak of misbehavior always remained present.

In her sophomore year of high school, Kennedy began dating Darren Russell, son of a prestigious family from New York. Despite her pedigree, the Russell family disapproved of Kennedy. The reason behind it still remains unknown, a dislike for her father’s politics or a long standing grudge somewhere in their family histories, regardless of the reason why, the disapproval seemed to be a motivation for Darren to date her.

The two dated for a couple years, all while Darren’s family treated her like garbage, even trying to break them up during a rather volatile family dinner. The attempt at dissolving their relationship failed and only made Darren double-down on his commitment to Kennedy, a response that his family couldn’t ignore. As an attempt at a peace offering, Darren’s father, Joseph, offered Kennedy a summer internship at his law office to “make up for it”.
The internship was grueling work, with long hours and high demands. But Kennedy saw the opportunity that rested in the internship, so she pushed herself and gave the position her full attention and effort. At the end of the summer, Joseph gave Kennedy a harsh review of her performance, which was anything but constructive criticism. He demolished her character and used his position of authority to make her feel small. He summarized her abilities as being best suited for secretary work. It became clear that Joseph gave her the internship purely as an excuse to humiliate her, his goal to push her down and remind her that the best she could obtain for herself is the position of a trophy wife.

No one had ever treated or spoken to her that way before, she had always been praised and complimented. Kennedy was a top student, on the Dean’s list, who always excelled at anything she put her mind towards. This harsh commentary left her stunned and that long standing streak of misbehavior influenced her next actions.
Upon her departure from Joseph’s law firm, Kennedy had the impulse to steal his car. A gorgeous ghost-grey Aston Martin, it was one of Joseph’s most beloved possessions. Theft of the car was easy, Joseph always left his keys unattended in his coat pocket. She merely had to swipe them during one of his dozens of meetings and walk to his reserved parking spot. While the crime was easy to commit, the repercussions appeared quickly afterwards. Security cameras captured everything and Joseph immediately noticed that his car was missing, leading Kennedy to be apprehended before she had even decided where she was going to go with the car.

Upon her arrest, Kennedy was restrained by the police and the repercussions for what she had done started to sink in, causing her to panic as they arrested her. The swell of emotions caused Kennedy to discharge a blast of kinetic energy, not enough to hurt the officer, but enough to knock him to the ground. An almost impossible feat to perform with just her physical strength, the action led to her formal diagnosis of being a mutant.
In the days following her arrest, Kennedy was convicted of two misdemeanors, theft and obstruction of justice. She wasn’t sure what upset her parents more, the fact that she had ruined her permanent record or the fact that she was a mutant. Both were damning revelations to Robert’s position and his views in the Senate. And it became clear that Kennedy was “troubled” and the best thing for her to do was transfer to a different school, one outside of Boston that could help treat her issues. Keeping her mutant abilities a secret, the Kelly family focused on her inappropriate behavior as the reason for her sudden departure, lovingly placing her in an institution where she could get the help she so desperately needed.

Kennedy was transferred to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Far away from her family, her boyfriend, her friends and most of all the prying eyes and questions surrounding her recent behaviors. The Kelly family made things clear, her presence in Boston society was over. Discovery of her mutant abilities had the potential to ruin Robert’s political career so she would be removed to maintain the family’s reputation.
Past Exploits Kennedy is currently under probation and serving 300 hours of community service as the charges for her misdemeanors of theft and obstruction of justice. She will have the ability to have her case reviewed in five years time with the opportunity to have the misdemeanors removed from her record.