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Cameron Hood

Name Cameron Hood

Position Team Leader

Second Position Faculty Member

Character Information

Codename Armoury
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Age 23
Affiliations(s) MI-13, Moira MacTaggert

Physical Appearance

Height 174cm
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Cameron isn't particular tall. What he does have is a presence. He could stare down a giant. Part of that is his posture, rigid, strong, tightly wound. But it's also the fact that his face just naturally ends up in a RBF, Resting Bastard Face. He also keeps his hair regulation short, his chin shaven clean, and his boots polished. Oh, and he's a black guy.


Spouse N/a
Children N/a
Father Malcolm Hood
Mother Elisa Hood-Grant
Brother(s) Marcus Hood
Sister(s) Molly Hood
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview In stressful situations Cameron is a calm and collected man. The British Army trained him to be that way. He is confident in his skill-set and capabilities in combat.

In more personal and casual situations he can be an awkward man. He doesn't have the best social skills, especially around women.
Mutant Power(s) Photographic reflexes 2/3: Cameron has to only see someone do a movement or use a technique to be able to perfectly replicate it, as long as he is physically capable of doing so.

For example, he can perfectly copy Bruce Lee's one inch punch. Cameron's body automatically understands the finesse of the technique, it's weaknesses and it's strengths and how to apply them.
He could also copy Bruce Lee's two fingers push ups, but cannot replicate it because he doesn't have the strength in his fingers and wrists.

Weapon generation 2: Cameron can pull simply weapons out of any material he touches, but he cannot alter the quantity of the material or the material itself. If the object he touches consist of different materials his powers intuitively manipulate the different materials to achieve the best possible result.

For example: He can pull a metal sword out of the hood of a car, or a stone club out of a wall. If he were to touch a length of wood and a length of steel at the same time he could create a spear, or nunchucks.
Profession(s) Formerly British Army Corporal, deployed to Iraq.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Confident in high stress situations
+ Proven leadership skills
+ Has a nice singing voice

- Somewhat awkward in social and casual situations
- Has difficulties surrendering control to others
- Is terrible at football
Ambitions To clear his name and return to England. To wear his uniform once more with pride. To see his family without danger.
Hobbies & Interests Cameron is a fervent shower singer, preferring Michael Jackson's older work over the more recent releases. He is also interested in the novels by Stephen King and Tom Clancy.

He also very much enjoys playing football but is seemingly absolutely terrible at it.
Mutant Mastery X-3

Origin Story Cameron, Cam to his parents, was born in London to Malcolm and Elisa Hood. Their eldest son was an excellent student in school, finally getting excellent grades in his GCSE's. He had the option to go to university, but instead chose to join the British Army.

Cameron enlisted at seventeen as a junior soldier. He graduated Harrogate in the top of his class. Having gotten a strong taste for military life, Cameron looked on to finding something more challenging. He found it in the Parachute Regiment's difficult training. He succeeded with high marks through the near four months of his training, earning his wings and maroon beret.

During his time training with the para's Cameron was discovered by Moira MacTaggert through an British Army doctor friend of hers. She had discovered that Cameron was a mutant. She came into contact with Cameron and worked to explore his powers in his off-time.

The first mission with the para's was when four platoons were sent to North Ireland in 1986 to relieve the para's currently posted. Cameron got lucky and found himself standing at a fairly peaceful post. He only had to point his rifle at presumed civilians once in a tense stand off before he was rotated back to England.

In 1988 Cameron applied to 22 SAS, having seen them in action during his rotation in the Para's SFSG and being suitably awed by their prowess. It was during the selection when Cameron really faced himself at his weakest. He also learned that he could work through it. Parts of the training came easy to him, weapon handling, hand to hand combat, and first aid were easily learned. The most difficult to Cameron was the hiking and swimming, forcing him to his limit and pushing him over it.

As part of 22 SAS Cameron's patrol took part in Operation Yellowbird. There they worked to escort Tiananeman Square protestors out of China into Hong Kong and finally out of the Chinese influence. During a mission, which was Cmaeron's last, the patrol leader executed their charge. When Cameron raised his weapon at the patrol leader the rest of the patrol aimed at Cameron. It turned out that they were part of by a Triad member to make sure that this particular individual was not to make it out.

It was explained to Cameron that he could either take the money and be complicit, or he would be shot. If he were to talk about what he had seen not only would he be killed, his family would be visited. Cameron did the only thing he could, he took the money. When they returned to base, the mission debrief was iron clad. Every member told basically the same story and nobody at their command looked twice at it.

Cameron reached out to Moira in hopes she could help him escape. She, in turn, reached out to Professor Xavier. The two worked with MI-13, British Military Intelligence that focuses on Special Beings to extract Cameron. In exchange for his rescue and hiding at the Xavier School Cameron would eventually testify as to the crimes he had witnessed by his patrol.
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