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Connor Bruin

Name Connor Bruin

Position Teammate

Character Information

Codename Caveman
Gender Male
Species Human Mutant
Age 19
Affiliations(s) Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"/188cm
Weight 295lbs/134kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Big and burly, Connor is nonetheless an agile figure. His every step is seemingly to a melody no one else can hear. His strawberry red hair is often in a messy tussle. A ruddy five o'clock shadow covers his face that fails to dim his bright blue eyes. Sometimes Connor idly wiggles his fingers or entire hands for no apparent reason.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Besides Connor's large frame, his primary trait is the fact he has a nonverbal autism diagnosis. The formative years of his life were spent being treated like a dumb-mute, which severely impacted his language development. After spending his adolescence on Muir Island receiving the best care, treatment, and therapy available, Connor still does not communicate much verbally. Although he understands sign language, his delayed fine motor skills mean he is not proficient in expressing himself that way either. In order to communicate, he makes use of a speech-generating device that he wears around his neck like a medallion. When in a dire situation, he can form monosyllable sounds and construct basic syntax using sign language.

Connor prefers to communicate with telepaths because thinking is his strong suit. Mind-to-mind, Connor shows himself to be a formidable intellect with problem-solving, spatial reasoning, mechanical engineering, and even theoretical physics.

When it comes to dexterity, though, Connor struggles with fine motor skills. He struggles to use eating utensils and pencils. Laces and zippers on clothing are a hassle, so his clothing utilizes buckles and velcro straps instead.

Connor possesses a rich inner thought life, and so it's not unusual to find him lost in it.

Connor does not form relationships easily, but once he bonds with a person, it is perhaps for life.

The codename "Caveman" was directly chosen by him in order to mock those who would judge him by his diagnosis and not by who he is as a person.
Mutant Power(s) Enhanced Intelligence (4) - Connor's nonverbal autism diagnosis seems to have an inverse effect on his cognitive ability. He is a quick thinker and a natural analyst. His extensive time at Muir Island afforded him advanced education and therapy which allowed him to flex his thought processes that are so abstract they border on clairvoyance at times--as long as his attention holds out.

Superhuman Strength/Stamina (3) - Connor is stronger than the typical human in peak physical condition.

Enhanced Agility (2) - Connor's mutation enhances his physical endurance and natural reflexes, but he remains unable to perform many fine motor skills with standard capability.
Profession(s) Student
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong

- Nonverbal
- Not dexterous
- Prone to distraction

-/+ Likes to tinker with mixed results
Ambitions To invent a new theorem and to master the art of shoe-tying.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, swinging, tinkering, meditating, trains of all kinds
Mutant Mastery X-3

Origin Story Orphaned as an infant on the West Frisian Island of Texel, Connor was passed through multiple social services as Boy Bruin until Cerebro flagged him as a mutant. Professor Xavier used his philanthropic fund to deliver the infant to Moira MacTaggart's facility on Muir Island. There he received the name Connor from Moira and received the best of occupational therapy and speech-language pathology until he was old enough to attend Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.
Past Exploits