Deck Listing

1407 Graymalkin LaneThe Xavier Mansion has been a fixture of Salem Center in Westchester, NY since the 1700's. It consists of vast three floors, plus a basement and secret subbasement set upon vast timbered acreage.

External grounds are ensconced by stonewalls that run the perimeter of the property. Motion sensors and other technological measures help keep out unwanted trespassers.

A short distance through the steel gate leads to the outer courtyard of the mansion where a large fountain set on flagstones stands vigil to greet all comers. Rear of the premises lies a large outdoor pool, various sports arenas (tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.) as well as a large green for cricket, croquet, football, and badminton.

Entering the ground floor and up to the second floor, one would find all the expected accoutrements of the school aspect of the campus. Dormitories, study halls, library, offices, etc. In the basement, one will find additional other services and rooms expected at a preparatory academy.

Going lower into the first subbasement, there are additional dormitories for the X-Men, a gymnasium, a small pool, high-tech laboratories, a full pharmacy and automated surgery/trauma center, and the heavy transport tunnel which leads to the underground hangar.

Below the subbasement lies the secret second subbasement which contains Professor Xavier's most precious secrets. There one will find the Cerebro computer system, the classified database compiled through Cerebro's searches, the War Room and world communications monitor, and the infamous Danger Room.