Episode 4: The Savage ConneXion

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Senator Roberty Kelly is assassinated on the same day geomagnetic storms begin sweeping the globe. One crisis after another leads to a worldwide satellite disruption, a telecommunications breakdown, and an unlikely alliance in a battle over the Land That Time Forgot. The Alternate Class allies with Magneto to reclaim his old Citadel in the Savage Land, which is being used to disrupt Earth's magnetosphere. They become embroiled in a civil war as an empire sweeps across the Savage Land, a cover for a new, sinister evil poised to emerge.

Episode 5: Days of Fortune Past

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Senator Robert Kelly's assassination, blamed on the Brotherhood, has led to the passing of the Mutant Registration Act, with the president expected to sign it into law. As Sentinels reappear and production resumes, the crisis intensifies. The X-Men discover a private entity profiting from the chaos, exacerbating anti-mutant sentiment and Sentinel production. Amid growing public fear and government action, the team must navigate a landscape fraught with danger to uncover the truth behind Kelly's assassination, stop the Sentinel threat, and expose the profiteers fueling the crisis.

Episode 0: X Lang Syne

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Everybody has their secrets. Whether it be flashbacks, flashforwards, sideflashes, or anything else that happens outside a regular episode, "X Lang Syne" remains open in perpetuity to give another layer to characters beyond the main stories.

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Episode 1: X-Odus

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Professor Xavier wakes up from a Cerebro session that went south and finds his X-Men are missing. Another quick scan with Cerebro shows none of them are to be found except Cyclops, though he is unconscious. With no other options, Xavier activates his alternate team protocol to form a rescue operation to assist Cyclops in locating the others and bringing the others home.

Episode 2: Northern X-Posure

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Special Agent Fred Duncan, Xavier’s personal contact with the FBI, provides a tip that reports of missing mutants have begun in NYC and all throughout New England. As the only hot lead in the missing mutants whereabouts, Professor Xavier tasks the Alternate Class with investigating the abductions, bring the trafficking ring to justice, and perhaps find clues as to who is kidnapping mutants.

Episode 3: X-Tra Ecclesiam

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A Friends of Humanity anti-mutant rally turns violent when a mutant is trussed up by an angry mob. How will the Alternate Class face the rising hysteria against mutants?