X-Tenuating Circumstances

Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2023 @ 11:22pm by Scott Summers & Connor Bruin & Iris Walker & Cameron Hood & Elias Buckley & Tammy Thompson & Ethan Hale & Aurora

Mission: Episode 3: X-Tra Ecclesiam
Location: War Room | 2nd Subbasement - X-Mansion
Timeline: August 13th, 1990

"Recent reports confirm that violence has broken out amidst the anti-mutant protesters. Police have successfully taken an unidentified mutant into protective custody while the Baltimore mayor's office has petitioned the Maryland governor's office to declare a state of emergency. Whether the deployment of a National Guard movement will quell the violent protest or enflame tensions remains to be seen."

Scott clicked off the broadcast with the press of a button, but not before the televised broadcast showed an angry mob surrounding a police precinct.

Everyone else had been assembled around the War Room table where they had a full view of the primary big screen. Multiple other monitors displayed other data already pulled up. Satellite telemetry of Baltimore, Maryland. Names and addresses of unknown individuals. Even state and federal laws.

"While everyone was getting down here," Scott began, "I got word from Professor Xavier. Turns out he was already aware of the protest and just left Muir Island. If we wait for him to touch down, it will be the middle of the night and may be too late to save this mutant from the torch-wielding mob or whoever the government sends for him." He scanned the faces of everyone seated around the round table. "A quick, quiet grab is something I think we can pull off on our own. If anyone wants to sit out or thinks we should wait for Professor Xavier to act, keep your hands down. Anyone else who is in for swift and immediate action? Raise your hand."

Arms folded, Scott kept a neutral expression as he awaited replies.

First to answer was Connor who let out a hoarse grunt and shook his head. As if that was unclear enough, his speech-generating device sang out a decisive NO before he sat on his hands. Too soon, too soon, not enough time, no planning, no Professor, too soon, his body language seemed to express as he rocked back and forth.

By contrast, second to respond was an actually enthusiastic Elias. His hand raised up with a casual but certain wave to the ceiling and dark eyes regarded Scott as he spoke, clear and confident. "Quick, quiet grabs are my specialty," he stated. "I say we rescue him now. We know where he is, he's in trouble, why wait.?

"Anything we do needs to happen through legal means," Cameron answered. "The tensions in Baltimore have grown fierce because a mutant was involved in the death of a non-mutant. If then suddenly a mutant disappears from police custody, two things will happen." Cameron raised his index finger. "First it will only further inflame these mutant bigots because they'll perceive it as a mutant avoiding his just deserts or something equally foolish." Cameron then raised his middle digit. "Second it will make the mutant in question a fugitive of the law. If we want to get them out, it'll need to be done legally and quietly. Grabbing him like we did in Canada is our last resort"

Aurora looked towards Cameron. “I’m sorry Cameron but I don’t think he’d stand a chance in custody. The police may not hurt a mutant, but the other prisoners would, and besides a mutant isn’t given the same rights as a non-mutant he’d be railroaded into prison or worse.”

For the past moment, Connor had been banging out a message on his device, but he quickly erased it and typed a shorter statement. "THE MUTANT MAY NOT BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME. THE NEWS SAID PROTECTIVE CUSTODY."

"Connor makes some good points but I have to agree with Aurora. We need to get him out now! His life very well could be in danger and I don't want to risk it. We don't have time for legal niceties and neither does he. I'm not willing to take that chance!" Tammy said.

"This whole protective custody is bullshit," Ethan spoke up, It's not protective custody, it's just an arrest by another name. I'm no conspiracy theory nut job, but this is all coordinated. I should know, I used to be on the other side."

Scott held up his hand. "Alright, alright, so it seems everyone wants to intervene immediately in some way except for Connor. The question now is how?"

“I take it the Professor monitors from here?” Aurora looked at Scott. “I’m not as powerful as the Professor, not as practiced either, but I should be able to help monitor if that’s what’s needed?”

That question struck Scott completely sideways. He had never even considered Aurora making use of Cerebro. "I don't think that's a good idea..." he began to say, but he trailed off. Jean had never been an expert with Cerebro, but he had watched her practice enough in order to know she could navigate it safely. "But... telepathic field support is our mainstay." Scott looked conflicted. "Let's table that for now, Aurora." He knew he should say no, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. "Well... one thing that would be safe to do is ascertain which attorney has been dispatched to the police. Professor Xavier funds an endowment in most regions that automatically extend legal representation to mutants who find themselves in trouble with the law through no fault of their own." Looking at Aurora, he said, "Maybe you could use Cerebro to pinpoint the attorney's exact location so a small team could coordinate with him."

“Me...use Cerebro?” Aurora looked at Scott in surprise. “I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m not going to say no. I’d like to try though.”

Scott looked at Cam. "I agree that we ought to exhaust legal means first. Taking action without the professor means we need to do this without leaving a mess for him to clean up. Plan 1 will be as follows: The Blackbird sets down out of sight near the marina. The retrieval team will consist of Armoury, Fable, and Hoodwink who will rendezvous with the attorney and form an escort into the police station where they will attempt to secure the mutant's release. Failing to do so, we will incite an evacuation order where we will be able to safely abscond with the mutant without arousing suspicions or inciting a riot. The Professor should be able to use his influence to sort through the red tape by then."

Looking around the War Room table, Scott said, "With those three on retrieval, that will leave the rest of you on overwatch. Gryphon and Surge should find a high-hide to monitor the situation while staying out of sight. Flux will perform forward recon to scout the precinct and then run interference as needed. I will stay here because there a still minors on campus who need a chaperone. Enigma will passively monitor the situation through Cerebro and keep me updated. How does Plan 1 sit with everyone?"

Aurora nodded. “Sounds good to me for my part Scott.” She looked around at the others.

"Alright! I can monitor all transmissions around there and involving the guy and keep an eye out for trouble. What if someone gets in and tried to hurt him?" Surge said.

"Then Plan 2 goes into effect," Scott said. "Someone pulls the fire alarm and the team improvises extraction from there."

"I can handle overwatch," Ethan said.

"So the signal for me to evac our team is the fire alarm?" Elias asked, simply. He had zero issues with the plan, so made no complaints and raised no compliments for the arrangements so far. It seemed overly complicated, but these guys wanted to do things right, and he knew there was no sense in arguing with them on that front. Not when Scott and Cameron were aligned. "Or we have a go-word?"

“I vote go-word,” put in Iris, who had been listening to the whole conversation, but hadn’t had anything to contribute so far. “That way, if there’s an actual fire, but things are going our way, we don’t mess things up. It’s always better to keep a good image where we can. And there’s a much higher chance of a real fire than of anybody having to radio you about kangaroos in the jail, or whatever.”

"Without the Professor running Cerebro, a reliable go-word might not be possible," Scott pointed out, "and whether there's a real fire or not, everyone needs to get out of the building anyway. Just make sure the mutant gets out too."

"If there's an actual fire," Elias noted calmly. "I'll definitely be getting outta Dodge anyway." He looked to Cameron and Scott and gave an assertive nod of his head. "I'll make sure our mysterious friend gets out safe. Anyone else wants a lift they'll need to yell or grab hold. K?"

Cameron nodded in agreement before adding. "One thing I want to stress. While our plan is to get the boy out, his safety is our primary concern. If for whatever reason we wouldn't be able to get him out with Elias, we walk him out the old fashioned way. If we wouldn't be able to walk him out, we stay with him until that changes."

"I think we have a plan," Scott said with his arms folded. "Everyone suit up. Connor, I need you to get the Blackbird prepped." He held up a hand before Connor could protest. "No, you don't have to go, and that's why I want your help getting the jet ready to go. I need to stay here and walk Aurora through what I know of Cerebro which isn't as much as it should be."


Connor was already somersaulting away toward the hangar before his device spoke the word.

Aurora looked at Scott, “Let’s just hope I have enough control to be able to handle Cerebro. I can only but try.”

"I'll walk you through it while the others are en route," Scott said. "Nothing fancy. And we'll unplug at the first sign of any trouble. I promise."